Innovation Categories

Tamaiaz Innovation Award

Tamaiaz Innovation Award

The Tamaiaz Innovation Award is meant to encourage innovation among university students in the United Arab Emirates who are about to graduate or have graduated and are about to enter the Emirati labour market. Participants are asked to present ideas and talents that they believe are worthy of recognition. Those who come up with the most innovative and creative ideas are also provided job opportunities in keeping with their ideas and the potential the jury sees in them during the event.

Tamaiaz Sponsor Award

Tamaiaz Sponsor Award

The award is aimed at motivating sponsors who will contribute to the success of the award. The award ceremony will be held every year and all the sponsors who invested time and money into advancing young Emiratis will be included in the nomination list. Companies will also be invited to participate as a sponsor.

The award seeks to highlight the contribution of sponsors of Tamaiaz awards. The award is created to identify and recognize outstanding sponsors who assist young Emiratis in developing and refining their talents to the highest level possible.

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Tamaiaz Institutional Education Award

Tamaiaz Educational Institution Award

In this award, the best educational institutionswill be awarded for their initiatives for supporting innovation in their universities and for their contribution to the award by spreading awareness about it at their universities.

The award is aimed at recognizing educational institutions that have contributed in creating a culture of innovation where information can flow through different levels. The category is open for participation for educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, using creative and innovative methods to impart education and engaging studentsat every level.

Tamaiaz Mentor Award

Tamaiaz Mentor Award

Mentors assigned to the participants are assessed according to the efforts they show and their engagement level with their assigned participants. The mentors can be previous winners of the award or other volunteers. The Tamaiaz Mentor Award is presented to the one who shows the most engagement in inspiring his/her assigned participant.

Award Mentorship Program

Tamaiaz Mentorship Program

The award aims to reward inspiring leaders for significant contribution to the field of education. We have started a mentorship program for the award participants for 2016. Mentors for this year’s award include previous award winners and some new participants who are willing to provide support and assistance to award participants to polish their ideas with their knowledge and expertise.

Award UAE National Development Program

Tamaiaz UAE National Development Program

The Award UAE National Development Program is a program designed for award winners for 2016 in order to prepare them to the workplace before they graduate from university. The program will entail team building and extensive training programs to create pool of young professionals out of them. Winners will receive a certification ‘Tamaiaz Diploma’ after graduating from the program.

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