The UAE continues to be strategically important and attractive to companies from all over the world. Being one of the most diversified economies in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the region is continuously making radical shifts towards an innovation led economy base. In a post-oil era, the region is achieving a whole new level of prosperity and excellence by making innovation a highlight of its strategic direction.

Innovation is the key to the region’s quest to build a business environment that supports economic growth and what better way to ensure this from the root levels than through the youth? Fresh University graduates or graduates who have entered the Emirati labour market are the ones who will be responsible for supporting the United Arab Emirates and particularly its economy. If they are allowed free reign to present their own unique ideas on a platform that can recognize and reward their talents, the sky is the limit to what future generations will be encouraged to achieve. This is part and parcel of Emiratisation efforts which aims to employ Emiratis and what they have to offer the nation as efficiently and as successfully as possible.

About the Award

The “Tamaiaz” Award was launched at the end of 2007, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum deputy ruler of Dubai. It completed its first round in 2008 and since then it has recognized more than 380 winners. It supports nationalization initiatives in the private and public sector and in the creation of a new generation of innovative Emiratis for the labor market. This can be achieved through a series of initiatives that target all students participating in the award.

The award was conceived in [2007] and since its inception, it has grown in influence and continues to support and encourage Emirati youth to grow their ambitions.


The award is meant to encourage university students who are about to graduate or are fresh graduates who have joined the workforce in the private or public sector.

It will encourage them to think outside the box and practice innovation in the initiatives they take.The award itself comes from the private sector represented in Mawarid Finance Group of companies which provides financial services and which came up with it as a social service to the community to support graduating University students who can be innovative.

This is the 9th round for the award and it comprises of 8 categories which participants can take part in. Students or fresh grads need to present an innovative idea that falls under one of these categories in front of a pre-selected jury.


The award is aimed at encouraging organizations to adopt new processes and offerings that create more value, and motivate young Emirati employees to be imaginative and resourceful. The award will go a long way in inspiring growth and innovation in the business sector to help businesses improve their operational performance.

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