• Cultural Category

For those with passion for writing, poetry and other areas related to education or learning…

  • Environmental Category

For those with passion for the promotion of environment, health and energy…

  • Media Category

Do you have a talent for media? Do you have innovations in the fields of design or TV and video productions? Are you an amateur journalist or photographer? Do you find yourself creative in all types of media?

  • Happiness Category

For all innovations that can contribute to raising the levels of happiness in the UAE..

  • Technology Category

In a world of digital and technological innovations, this category is for innovation in machinery, hardware, software, electronic games and web applications..

  • Community Category

For innovations in community services like family care, mother care, childcare, family health, and family education..

  • Projects Category

For creative and innovative businesses projects..

  • No Category

Create, Innovate, and Participate in any field apart from the categories above..

Each category has 5 winners with the first place winner getting AED 20,000.

Runner ups receive similar amounts along with high paying job opportunities which       reward their efforts. The participants are assigned mentors who also have the chance of winning an award based on their levels of engagement and effort in guiding their group of participants.

The Tamaiaz Innovation Award is sponsored by the Deputy Prince of Dubai and as of 2015 we have provided this opportunity to over 1,481 students and fresh graduates in the UAE.

The award is sponsored by a number of influential companies and encourages businesses in the region to adopt innovation in their services and products and create an environment that supports and strengthens innovation both in the way an organization is run and in the way its people work.